Do you wear it? Is it a shawl? Did you knit it or did it come like it?

It's a sock blank! A length of machine-knit stockinette (there aren't enough hours in the day, people) without a bound-off edge. What do you do? Start at that edge, pull, and cast on whatever you'd like to make. My first test-knitter made a one-skein shawl, and another customer bought three to make a sweater (they were all 12-Bar Blues indigo, and very subtle shading). But the Merino/nylon blend makes very nice socks too. Is it self-striping? What color pattern will come out? I dunno. Hence...FrankenBlanks.

Colorways currently available are Thanks, Easter Bunny; Raspberry Beret, 12-Bar Blues; and Good Day, Sunshine.

Natural dye materials used may include (depending on the color) lac, madder, cochineal, logwood purple, weld, osage orange, quercitron, fustic, indigo, Saxon blue extract (indigo cooked with sulfuric acid), logwood grey, and chestnut. I mordant with alum and cream of tartar, and may also use chalk, ammonia, vinegar, or extremely small amounts of tin (only occasionally in red dyes).

Every effort is made to represent colors as accurately as possible. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

superwash Merino/nylon 75/25
463 yards 100 g
10" x 42"

Gentle handwash in cool water and wool wash, then drying flat to preserve the beauty of the natural dye material. Please refer to the "Yarn Care & Knotty Problems" page for additional care information.


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